Google’s Recent Service Closure Will Complicate Your Future Travel Planning

Google Discontinues Trip Summaries in Travel Planner

Google’s been receiving a lot of flak lately for discontinuing services, forcing users to migrate over to alternatives. The latest victim is a feature in the company’s trip planner service.

As per 9to5Google, Google will discontinue trip summaries in Google Travel. Users will have to email their past and future itineraries to themselves as the only option. The service’s website informs that the phasing out of trip summaries will begin from May 1.

Google’s trip summary feature is prevalent as it sorts previous locations, flight information, hotel bookings, and restaurant reservations in chronological order. Google also suggests places to visit in the future based on this feature. Moreover, trip summaries enable users to review details about upcoming trips.

Although Google is discontinuing trip summaries, travel reservations can still be viewed in Maps. The Trips tab under the timeline shows visited places in reverse-chronological order, including itineraries for the entire trip and photos from the trip, using Google Photos.

Users can still save their trip summaries by selecting the “Share” button in the overflow menu and sending all reservation dates and details to their email.

Google Travel remains a handy trip planner service despite the discontinuation of this feature. The service provides information on airline reservations, hotel and restaurant bookings, and car rentals. Last year, it included a flight price tracker for finding vacation deals.