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The Pixel 8: A Closer Look at the Leaked Design

It’s highly anticipated that Google will tease the new Pixel 8 lineup at its I/O conference on May 10, but leaks surrounding the phone series have been circulating on the internet. Renders of both the vanilla Pixel 8 and the Pro version have leaked, and considering the sources and timing, it’s highly likely that these are the actual designs of Google’s next flagships.

While the Pixel 8 isn’t drastically different from its predecessors, there are a few noticeable changes. The camera strip on the back of the phone looks slightly different, and the radius of the curvature on the back has been altered. Additionally, there’s no curved screen on the Pro models.

What Do People Think About the Leaked Design?

Opinions on the Pixel 8’s design are divided. Some appreciate the refinement, while others consider it boring. Still, others don’t seem to care, and some were hoping for something radically different.

Vote on the Third Iteration of the Camera Bar Design!

If you have an opinion on the Pixel 8’s design, share it in the comments below. You can also vote on the third iteration of the camera bar design:

  • I like it! Can’t mess with perfection… (50.6%)
  • Boring. (14.29%)
  • I don’t really care about it… (10.71%)
  • It’s okay… I guess? (23.81%)
  • Other (leave a comment) (0.6%)

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