How Samsung’s Beauty Filter on the Moon Addresses User Desires.

Is My Galaxy S23 Ultra Taking Fake Moon Pictures?

If you own a Galaxy S23 Ultra, you have access to one of the best Android phone cameras available. And one of the coolest features of this phone is its telephoto camera’s ability to take detailed Moon shots by combining optical zoom with digital zoom. However, a controversy recently broke out regarding claims that the Moon pictures taken with Galaxy phones are artificially enhanced with an excessive dose of AI. While some people find this controversial, I believe it’s blown out of proportion and not necessarily a bad thing.

Why is This Controversial?

There is a huge outrage on social media surrounding Samsung’s use of AI to enhance Moon shots. However, the company is transparent about employing AI to bring out more details in images. Samsung has explained how the post-processing works and how the AI model kicks in to improve images. In fact, Samsung has been using this AI model since the launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra two years ago. Furthermore, users can disable the Scene Optimizer feature that employs AI to enhance Moon shots if they prefer to capture images with less detail.

No Shame in Enjoying Your Moon Pics

The use of AI in smartphone cameras is ubiquitous, and people expect AI-enhanced images. As long as the AI works on real-world image data, images are not fake. Samsung’s AI model is no exception. Although some users argue that AI-enhanced Moon shots are fake, Samsung’s transparency and the popularity of AI-enhanced images make this argument less compelling. There is no shame in enjoying your Moon pics and sharing your Space Zoom capabilities with your friends.