“How to Determine if You’ve Been Blocked on iMessage”

The pressure from modern society and controversial subjects can make it easy to get on someone’s wrong side. Luckily, iMessage provides a way to deal with uncomfortable situations without confrontation by blocking phone numbers. However, it can be difficult to know if someone has blocked you. Here are some hacks to help you know if it has happened to you.

6 Ways to Tell if Your Number is Blocked on iMessage

Check the Chat Bubble Color

When you send a text to another iPhone user via iMessage, the chat bubble color is usually blue. A green chat bubble indicates that you’re sending a regular text via SMS or MMS standards. However, a green bubble can also indicate that someone has blocked you. When this happens, iMessage sends your text, but the recipient never receives it. Your old messages remain blue, but the latest texts you send after being blocked turn green. Note that the bubble colors aren’t always accurate as they could mean that the recipient turned off their phone, gone offline, or switched from iOS to Android.

Check the Read Receipts

iMessage includes Read Receipts, which show when your messages are delivered and read. If the recipient has disabled the feature, you won’t see the read receipts, and it could also mean you were blocked or the message was sent over SMS. Ensure you have an active internet connection and that your messages go through to other iMessage users before making any assumptions. If you receive read receipts for other users but not for a specific person, try the other methods mentioned.

Look for the Moon Icon in iMessage

The Do Not Disturb (DnD) and Focus modes on iOS allow users to disable notifications for apps and contacts temporarily. If you send a text on iMessage, and the recipient doesn’t respond, it may be because their notifications are disabled. From iOS 15 and higher versions, the receiver’s phone automatically notifies you that the mode is enabled when you send a message while Focus mode is active. You will see a notification that says [Contact] has notifications silenced with a small moon symbol next to it. If you don’t see any indication that notifications are silenced, your texts may have been blocked.

Call the Number You’re Texting

If you’ve confirmed that the message was delivered and are still unsure, try calling the recipient. You typically can’t call someone who blocked you on iMessage, and if you try, you’ll hear a single ring before the call goes to the voicemail box. Sometimes, you don’t hear a ring, or the voice operator tells you the person is unavailable when you call. However, with iOS 15, incoming calls can ring even if DnD or Focus mode is active.

Attempt to Call from a Different Number

If you’re worried about the recipient’s well-being or ability to receive messages, you might want to call them from a friend’s phone or use a burner number. But if a legitimate concern or emergency requires their attention, it’s important to be honest and tell them who you are. If calling from a different number doesn’t work, it could be for reasons unrelated to you, such as the person being busy or in a poor coverage area.

Knowing When to Walk Away

If you’ve tried all the above without success, it may be time to consider moving on. Giving people space to process their feelings is best, even if it’s not what you want. Consider seeking an outside perspective from friends and family, focus on breaking bad habits, and avoid turning into a cyberstalker.