HUAWEI Calendar Apk Download (Latest Version)

Stay organized and never miss an important date with the HUAWEI Calendar. Get reminders, set up recurring events, and sync your account across multiple devices. Enjoy a fully featured calendar app that is easy to use and always up-to-date.

HUAWEI Calendar Apk

HUAWEI Calendar is an app from the Chinese tech giant Huawei that is designed to help users manage their time and schedule. It has a variety of features that allow users to stay organized and on top of their tasks. This includes a calendar view, task list, reminders, and more. It also allows users to sync their calendars with other apps, such as Google Calendar and Outlook. Additionally, users can set up recurring events and tasks, share their calendars with others, and add notes to their events. HUAWEI Calendar is a great tool for staying organized and making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • View your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar events
  • Set up reminders and notifications for upcoming events
  • Create and edit events with detailed information
  • Share events with friends and family
  • Sync events between devices
  • View events from your Google and Outlook accounts
  • Set up recurring events
  • View and manage your to-do list

HUAWEI Calendar Apk Download


HUAWEI Calendar Apk Features

Feature Description
Calendar View View your events in day, week, month, year, or agenda view.
Event Reminders Set reminders for events to make sure you never miss an important date.
Subscription Calendar Subscribe to public calendars for holidays, sports teams, TV shows, and more.
Sharing Share your calendar with family and friends to coordinate schedules.
Location-based Reminders Set reminders that trigger when you arrive or leave a specific location.

What’s new in HUAWEI Calendar

Date Update
June 2020 Added support for multiple calendars, including Google, Exchange, and iCloud.
April 2020 Added support for customizing the color of events.
December 2019 Added support for creating repeating events.
August 2019 Added support for creating events with multiple participants.
May 2019 Added support for importing and exporting calendar events.
February 2019 Added support for creating and editing events.