Huawei File Manager Apk Download (Latest Version)

Huawei File Manager is the ultimate tool for managing all your files. Easily organize, store, and access your photos, videos, documents, music, and other files from your Huawei device. Get the most out of your storage with Huawei File Manager.

Huawei File Manager Apk

Huawei File Manager is a powerful file management tool developed by Huawei. It provides users with a comprehensive file management experience, allowing them to easily manage their files and folders. It provides users with a variety of features, including file sorting, search, copy, move, delete, rename, and share. It also has a built-in image viewer and audio player, allowing users to easily view and listen to their media files. Additionally, the app includes a one-tap backup and restore feature, allowing users to quickly and easily back up their files and restore them in case of data loss. With its intuitive user interface, Huawei File Manager makes it easy for users to quickly and efficiently manage their files.
  • Organize files into folders and subfolders
  • Manage files stored on the device, SD card, and cloud storage
  • Search for files quickly and accurately
  • Share files with friends and family
  • Compress and decompress files
  • Backup and restore files
  • Clean up junk files to free up storage
  • Secure files with a password

Huawei File Manager Apk Download


Huawei File Manager Apk Features

Feature Description
File Management Organize and manage files on your Huawei device.
Compression/Decompression Compress and decompress files with ZIP and RAR formats.
Cloud Storage Connect to cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
File Transfer Securely transfer files between your Huawei device and a computer.
Secure Encryption Encrypt files and folders with a password.

What’s new in Huawei File Manager

Date Version Changes
March 2019 v10.1.3.311 Added support for cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Improved user interface for better usability.
June 2019 v10.1.4.321 Added support for compressed files, including ZIP and RAR. Improved file sorting and search functions.
November 2019 v10.1.5.331 Added support for network storage services, including FTP and SFTP. Improved performance and stability.