“Improved Clarity with Minimalist Design: The Updated Google Messages”

Google Messages on Android Gets Long-Awaited Changes

Last October, Google announced that it was going to make changes to its Messages app on Android. While most Android phone users are familiar with the app, it was in dire need of an upgrade in terms of design and functionality. In line with Google’s Material You redesign initiative, the Messages app is getting some significant changes that follow the minimalist movement.

Say Goodbye to Text-Based Markers

One of the key changes that Google has introduced is the removal of text-based markers for message statuses such as “read” or “received.” Previously, these indicators were just text, and they could cause eye strain, which is something everyone wants to avoid. With the latest update, instead of text, users will see tiny icons that are easier on the eyes.

What Are the New Symbols in the Messages App?

Google has included the following symbols in the updated Messages app:

  • If you see a Timer, then the message is being sent
  • If you are seeing a single Check, then it has been sent
  • If that Checkmark doubles up, then it has been delivered
  • If you see the double Checkmark become colorized, the recipient has read the message

It’s important to note that depending on Android version and customization options, the colorization of the double Checkmark may differ.

A Welcomed Change

Overall, these changes to the Messages app are a welcomed improvement. The minimalist design and use of icons are not only easy on the eyes, but they also bring the app up to speed, as other messaging apps such as WhatsApp have been using symbols for years. The update is currently rolling out, so keep an eye out for it.