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Why Budget Flagships Are the Future of Android Phones

As an Android-focused website, we typically fixate on the latest, hottest, and most powerful devices in the market. However, it’s easy to overlook mid-range phones for the flashy Galaxy or Pixel models. Nevertheless, the rise of the “budget flagship” has caught our attention, offering high-end specs for several hundred dollars less than traditional flagships.

In this category, you’ll find devices like the Pixel 7 and OnePlus 11, both offering near-flagship specs for under $700. Even lesser-known devices like the Asus Zenfone 9 and the upcoming Nothing Phone 2 have what it takes to compete. The compromise for these lower price points is typically only one or two features, giving users an excellent value for their money.

Take, for example, the Pixel 7, which delivers a fantastic display, fast processor, and high-quality camera. For $600, you’ll miss out on a larger battery and telephoto lens but save $300 compared to the Pixel 7 Pro. As the cost of flagships continues to rise, the budget flagship space feels ripe for continual expansion.

However, not all companies have jumped on the bandwagon. While Samsung was an early competitor, the S21 FE failed to recapture the magic of the Galaxy S20 FE. Likewise, some readers may still prefer either budget or flagship categories, ignoring the budget flagship space. At lower prices, phones like the Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 remain impressive alternatives, while high-end models like the Galaxy S23 Ultra continue to dominate their market.

In conclusion, we believe Budget Flagships are the future of Android phones, offering excellent value for specs that come close to traditional flagships, while remaining affordable.