“Is Samsung discouraging customers from buying Galaxy A54 by producing inferior models, pushing them towards Galaxy S23 spending?”

Making Sense of the Mid-Range Phone Market in 2023

Trying to navigate the mid-range phone market in 2023 is a tricky task, with some phones trying to offer more features while others aim to find a balance. In the midst of this market, the Samsung Galaxy A54 stands out with its attempt at striking a balance. However, Samsung has a lot to lose and gain with this phone as it competes against their flagships and other mid-range phones.

The Challenges of Balancing the Mid-Range Market

Samsung faces an ongoing challenge of balancing their mid-range phones and flagship “S” series. Offering too many features in the mid-range segment would result in fewer flagship sales, while offering too few would put them at a disadvantage against competitors. This balancing act is especially important as the sales of Samsung’s cheaper phones suggest that they are doing a better job in the budget segment.

A Dated Design

Samsung’s Galaxy A54 has a unique design that may not appeal to all consumers. Despite being a newer model, the Galaxy A54 looks older than the Galaxy A51, a four-year-old Samsung phone. Unlike the A53, the A54 has a glass back that gives it a more premium feel, but the front display on the A54 has noticeably thicker borders than the A51. This design issue may be concerning for some consumers who are looking for a modern-looking phone.

Performance Issues

A real-world speed test found that the cheaper Galaxy A34 with a MediaTek chip performed better than the Galaxy A54 with Samsung’s Exynos chip in opening apps. While both phones have the same RAM, the processor seems to be the key differentiator in performance. Additionally, Samsung’s new Exynos 1380 benchmarks show that it is underwhelming compared to other competing mid-range processors. This may raise concerns for some consumers looking for a phone with improved performance.

Tough Competition

The Galaxy A54 promises brighter display and camera features, in addition to new Android updates and security patches, but it faces tough competition from Google’s Pixel series. The flagship Pixel 7a is set to release, bringing a combination of features, including wireless charging and advanced camera technology. Moreover, Google’s flagship Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro can be found at lower prices than Samsung’s new mid-range phone.

The Perfect Storm

The challenges faced by Samsung’s mid-range phones are only getting harder with their need to balance their flagships, maintain profits, and compete against a range of mid-range phones. Despite promising features, the Galaxy A54’s design and performance issues may give consumers pause when considering this phone. With tough competition from Google’s Pixel, Samsung may need to re-evaluate their mid-range strategy to stay ahead of the curve.