Lineage OS Support Brings the LG V30 Back to Life

Bring Your LG V30 Back to Life with Lineage OS

Do you remember the LG V30? It was a phone from the era of the excellent Galaxy S8, and now Lineage OS is here to breathe new life into it. Lineage OS is an Android version that brings the latest security updates, a visual upgrade and some custom cool apps to numerous older phones, so that users can enjoy them longer. The LG V30 is the latest phone to get support, making it notable in particular. After all, if you take a look at the list of supported phones, you can see that quite a few are supported, including a wide range of other phones from LG. It is the latest LG phone in terms of timeline to get Lineage OS support.

Modern Design and Hardware

The LG flagship from 2017 still looks modern on the front, although the camera array on the back panel has become more complicated since then. But still, the V30’s hardware is still more than enough to run Lineage OS smoothly and its overall design hasn’t become outdated even as of 2023. All versions of the V30 can benefit from Lineage OS, including unlocked, locked for specific carriers and so forth. The software upgrade is listed as LineageOS 20, which is based on the latest Android 13. This is a total feat, as the V30’s official software capped at Android 9 in 2019, with software support coming to a conclusion in 2020.

Download the ROM and Enjoy

If you are interested in trying Lineage OS out — on your very own V30, or another older Android phone — you can download the ROM straight from the catalog. Upgrading the software will take some reading and concentration, but it is far from an impossible feat. Moreover: it is totally worth it.