“March Security Patch Now Available for Pixel 6 Users Concerned about Exynos Vulnerability”

Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 Devices Vulnerable to Attack

If you own a Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 device, you may be vulnerable to an attack that can compromise your incoming and outgoing data, including cell calls, cell data, and text messages. What’s concerning is that the attack requires only the phone number of the targeted device, and the owner may not even know that their phone has been compromised.

March Security Update to Patch Vulnerability

Google has released a March security update to patch this vulnerability on eligible Pixel models. Unfortunately, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users will have to wait until March 20th to receive the update. In the meantime, Google recommends turning off Voice-over-LTE and Wi-Fi calling for added protection.

Another Way to Get Protected Immediately

If you don’t want to wait for the March security update, another way to get protected is by joining the Android 13 QPR Beta program. The first Beta update already includes the March security patch. However, joining the Beta program will lock you in for three months, and you won’t be able to return to the stable public version of Android until June 5th.

Joining the Android 13 QPR Beta Program

To join the Android 13 QPR Beta program, go to google.com/android/beta or tap on the provided link. Once there, click on “View your eligible devices,” select your Pixel model, and press “Opt In.” Follow the directions to install the Beta update from the settings menu. Keep in mind that while unstable, the Beta release is relatively stable compared to early Beta releases from new Android builds, and it offers additional new features and bug fixes.

Be sure to follow PhoneArena’s updates on the QPR3 Beta program, and we will let you know when it’s safe to exit the Beta program without penalty.