Millions of Verizon Customers’ Account Data Exposed in Data Breach

Verizon Database Leaked Online with 7.5 Million Subscribers’ Data Exposed

Despite T-Mobile being in the headlines for data breaches recently, it seems that Verizon subscribers have also been affected. SafetyDetectives recently uncovered that a Verizon database has been out in the open since January, with explosive data contained within it. The entries date from sometime in 2021 and January 2022, with approximately 7.5 million wireless subscribers’ data points exposed.

The compromised information includes the type of devices used on Verizon, rewards they have signed up for, and additional subscription services such as Disney+ or Verizon Cloud. Additionally, the database contains customer ID hashes, first names, router specifications, usage and speed metrics, and contract statuses of 1.5 million home internet subscribers. While no personally identifiable information was leaked, unencrypted customer ID hashes are still a major threat if the right key is discovered.

SafetyDetectives reached out to Verizon about the leaked database on February 8; however, the company has yet to respond. This is not the first time Verizon has had a security issue, as they previously had a data leak compromising around 6 million wireless accounts in 2017, which the company blamed on an outside vendor.