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Manage your account, view your order history, and update your personal information with My Account. Easily access your account from any device and stay up to date with your orders.

My account Apk

My account is a personal online account that allows me to access and manage my personal information. It provides a secure platform for me to store and manage my personal data, such as contact information, bank account details, and payment information. My account also allows me to access online services, such as online shopping, banking, and other services. It also allows me to keep track of my financial activities and transactions, as well as receive notifications about any changes or updates in my account. My account helps me to stay organized and secure, and gives me the ability to manage my personal data in one place.
  • View account balance
  • View recent transactions
  • Transfer money
  • Set up direct debits/standing orders
  • Set up account alerts
  • Order a new card
  • Change account details

My account Apk Download


My account Apk Features

Features Description
Personal Information View, edit, and update your personal information.
Password Change your account password.
Payment Methods Add, edit, and delete payment methods.
Order History View your order history and check the status of your orders.
Address Book Add, edit, and delete your shipping and billing addresses.
Notifications Manage your notifications preferences.

What’s new in My account

Date Update Details
12/02/2020 Added new security feature Two-factor authentication added to enhance account security
10/01/2020 Added account settings Added the ability to customize account settings
06/30/2020 Added payment options Added the ability to add multiple payment options
04/15/2020 Added account verification Added the ability to verify your account with a phone number