MyStarPlanet Apk Download (Latest Version)

MyStarPlanet is an online virtual world where you can create your own avatar, explore, play games, and make friends. Unlock exclusive rewards, customize your look, and join millions of players from around the world. Create your own world and have fun!

MyStarPlanet Apk

MyStarPlanet is an online virtual world game for children. Players can customize their avatars and explore the world, play games, make friends, and earn rewards. Players can also purchase virtual items such as clothes, furniture, and pets. Players can also participate in activities such as creating art, playing music, and hosting events. MyStarPlanet offers a safe and fun environment for children to express themselves and interact with others. It is a great way for children to learn about social interaction, creativity, and problem-solving, while also having fun.
  • Create and customize your own avatar
  • Chat with friends and make new ones
  • Play fun games and activities
  • Design and decorate your own rooms
  • Earn rewards and collect virtual items
  • Share your creations with the world

MyStarPlanet Apk Download


MyStarPlanet Apk Features

Feature Description
Avatar Creation Create your own avatar with a range of customisation options
Mini-Games Play a range of fun mini-games to earn coins and rewards
Chat Rooms Chat with friends and other players in a variety of themed chat rooms
Party Planning Plan your own parties with friends and other players
Quests Complete quests and challenges to unlock rewards and prizes
Clubs Create and join clubs with other players to share ideas and compete in events

What’s new in MyStarPlanet

Date Update Description
July 2020 MyStarPlanet 2.0 MyStarPlanet 2.0 was released with a new look and feel, improved game mechanics, and new features such as custom avatars and friends list.
November 2020 New Quests and Challenges New quests and challenges were added to the game, allowing players to earn rewards and progress further in the game.
February 2021 New Items and Clothing A variety of new items and clothing were added to the game, allowing players to customize their avatars and express their style.
April 2021 New Events and Tournaments New events and tournaments were added to the game, giving players the chance to compete against each other and win rewards.