Netflix Games teased by Alto’s Odyssey developer with exciting new title

Netflix Games Teases New Release from Snowman

The gaming landscape has evolved over the years, with streaming services such as Netflix joining the fray, making it possible to enjoy immersive gaming experiences without needing a console, PC, or even the best Android phones. When it comes to casual games, Snowman is a studio that stands out, known for producing some of the best gameplay in recent time, such as Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure. And now, the developer has teased its fans with a new Netflix Games release.

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure quickly became favorites when they were first released, providing a rather relaxing gaming experience that combined vivid colors, excellent physics, and smooth controls. Snowman appears poised to continue its unique style with its upcoming game, Laya’s Horizon. While this new game’s teaser doesn’t reveal much, it is enough to get excited about.

Laya’s Horizon Teaser

In the teaser, Snowman’s iconic art style from the Alto series is prominent, with windmills, cliff sides, and hot air balloons featured prominently. The teaser ends with a character wearing a wingsuit-like cape standing at the edge of a structure. While the details of the gameplay are still unknown, the brief description in the YouTube video states that “A whole new world is just beyond the horizon,” hinting that the game will have something to do with flying.

Netflix Subscription

One potential downside to Laya’s Horizon is that it is associated with Netflix Games. As such, players will need an active subscription to the streaming service. However, this isn’t Snowman’s first time partnering with Netflix Games, as Lucky Luna is already available through the platform.

Launch Date

At the moment, the developer has not specified when Laya’s Horizon will launch, leaving fans in anticipation. However, it’s clear that the teaser has piqued people’s interest, and hopefully, Netflix Games or Snowman will have more details to share soon.