“New Unicode 15.0 Emoji Now Available for Beta Testers on WhatsApp”

New Emoji Spotted on WhatsApp Beta for Android

WhatsApp, one of the best social apps, is expanding its feature set with the introduction of new emoji on the WhatsApp beta for Android version The new emoji were first observed on WhatsApp beta in December 2021. However, the visibility of the new emoji may differ from user to user, as some testers running the beta have reported being able to see them. The new set of 21 emoji is part of the Unicode 15.0 specification released in September.

The release of the new set of emoji directly within WhatsApp eliminates the need for users to use alternative keyboards to achieve the same goal. The cluster is currently only visible to beta-version users, but may soon be available on the stable channel. If you have subscribed to the Google Play Beta Program for WhatsApp, you may have already seen the 21 new emoji.

Unicode symbols are supported by operating system maintainers, with apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp designing their own Unicode-compliant emoji to ensure their users can use new symbols with each other, even if software updates bring them at different times. It is common for a new emoji to appear on one app on one device and not on another device using the same app. This is how the market economy of software goes. Expect a repeat for the minor Unicode 15.1 update this year.

The WhatsApp platform is continuously working towards enhancing user experience. In addition to the new emoji, WhatsApp is reportedly working on new features such as self-destructing group chats. This feature will work in the same way as self-destruct options currently available, but will apply to an entire group. The feature will most likely be called expiring groups and be accessible from the group’s settings.