“New User Profile Feature Added to Android TV, But It May Not Meet Your Expectations”

Google TV and Android TV: Differences in User Accounts

While Google TV is an OEM skin, Android TV is considered the mobile version of Android. Google TV offers a user account switcher, which means features that come with it (like user account switching) are also offered to devices like the newest Chromecast models. Android TV devices such as Nvidia Shield TV have yet to offer different user experiences on the same TV, but Google’s latest update to the Android TV home screen could change this.

Some users on the Android TV subreddit are starting to see an account switcher icon on the top-right corner of their Android TV home screen, nestled between the settings icon and the clock. The account switcher icon appears on the Google Discover version of the Android TV home screen.

However, despite its usefulness, the account switcher only changes the primary Google account, and not the account used in Google apps such as YouTube, YouTube TV, or the Play Store. In addition, the account switcher icon is only used on personalized recommendations in the Discover tab on the home screen.

While it is a letdown, users can still personalize their recommended content, allowing everyone to have their unique Discover feed. There is still hope for a true account switcher on Android TV that allows for sandboxed apps, and user-specific logins and data. However, this feature will most likely require an update, so older Android TV devices may never see this type of account switcher.

If you are tired of waiting and want a superior user experience, some of the best streaming devices in 2023 have a genuine user account switcher feature for easier access and control.