“NordPass Embraces Passwordless Future with Passkey Support” – SEO Meta Title

Introducing NordPass Passkeys: A Step Towards a Passwordless Future

Using password managers has simplified our online lives, but it comes with the downside of having a master password as the weakest link in our cybersecurity. To address this issue, NordPass has joined Google and 1Password in promoting a passwordless future using passkeys.

While passkeys might seem like a significant change from passwords, the technology is gaining widespread adoption. NordPass users can now store, autofill, and share passkeys from the NordPass Vault, allowing for platform-agnostic cross-device sync. However, passkeys are currently only available on desktop and supported web browsers, with Android support rolling out later this year.

Passkeys work differently than passwords, providing additional security. The server-stored key that verifies your identity is incomplete without the key pair on your device, which is further secured by on-device biometric authentication. When both keys match, they authenticate you on the service without the need for remembering passkeys or worrying about potential keylogger attacks.

In addition to promoting a passwordless future, NordPass is also developing a platform for businesses and online service providers to integrate passkeys as well as passwordless multifactor authentication mostly reliant on biometrics.

We can all enjoy the benefits that come with the introduction of passkeys, including a lower chance of malicious attacks, password reuse for convenience, and the need for two-factor authentication. It’s great to see major password managers supporting a passwordless future.