Nothing Phone: Latest Update with Enhanced Battery Life, Ear Support and More Features

Nothing Phone (1) Update: Improvements to Battery Life, App Restarts, and Bug Fixes


Nothing, the smartphone company, has been working diligently to address several technical issues that have been reported by their customers who purchased their first-ever smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1). Issues such as overheating, short battery life, and long app restarting times were among the most significant complaints filed in the last few months. While not many customers were affected, the number of reports was significant enough for Nothing to investigate the matter. Today, the company announced their latest update, the Nothing OS 1.5.3, which aims to address these technical issues and much more.

New Update Highlights

The new update primarily focuses on improving battery life and reducing app restart times, addressing many of the problems that Nothing Phone (1) users have been experiencing. However, the changelog lists several important bug fixes as well. Here are the highlights of the new update:

  • New support for manually adding games to Game Mode (games not installed from PlayStore will not be able to be used with the Game Dashboard)
  • Smoother animations for pop-up view
  • Improved fingerprint transition between the lock screen and AOD
  • New wallpapers
  • Added support for Ear (2)
  • New memory management algorithm that reduces app restart times by over 35% and lowers CPU consumption to improve overall battery life
  • Improved system stability

Bug Fixes

In addition to the highlighted improvements, Nothing OS 1.5.3 also includes several bug fixes. Here are just a few:

  • Fixed the abnormal appearance of Night Light mode in certain scenarios
  • Fixed the flashing charging prompt on the AOD interface
  • Fixed the issue where Glyph lights did not show for incoming WhatsApp calls
  • Fixed freeze issues during YouTube video playback
  • Fixed the issue where weather data did not show in the Quick Look widget
  • Other general bug fixes


According to Nothing’s statement, the rollout of Nothing OS 1.5.3 has already begun and should be available to all Nothing Phone (1) users within the next few days. Therefore, you should not have to wait too long before reaping the benefits of this new update.