“Pixel 7 & 6 Series Owners: Avoid Watching This YouTube Video!”

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Software Bugs and Hardware Issues

The Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have had their fair share of software bugs and hardware issues since they were released in 2021. One of the strangest glitches is the fact that playing a seemingly harmless YouTube video can cause the phone to crash and reboot. Reports of the issue have come from owners of the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a devices, but older models of the Google Pixel phones are unaffected.

What Causes the Glitch?

The YouTube video that causes the glitch is from January 13, 2021, and it is not believed to be injected with any type of malware that only affects recent Pixel handsets. While the phone will crash and reboot, it will not lose any data and it will quickly recover. In some cases, the phone may have trouble connecting to the cellular network after the crash, which requires a manual reboot to fix.

How to Avoid the Glitch

The best way to avoid the glitch is to simply not watch the YouTube video. It is an old clip from the 1979 sci-fi movie “Alien” in 4K HDR, and it is not worth the risk of crashing the phone. If you do still decide to watch it, be aware that the phone may crash and reboot, so be prepared to manually reboot the phone if necessary.