“Pixel Watch Glitch: Users at Risk of Being Late for Work”

Pixel Watch Alarms Not Going off on Time

If you need to be somewhere on time or want to avoid oversleeping to get to work on schedule, the alarm on your smartwatch can be extremely useful. But for some Pixel Watch users, the alarm is not reliable and does not go off on time.

Pixel Watch users reporting late alarms

Users on Reddit, such as “91114” and “blaqice,” have reported multiple issues with their alarms going off several minutes after the set time. Most of the late alarms seem to occur in the morning, suggesting that the watch may struggle to wake from a deep sleep mode.

Software update needed

Pixel Watch users are undoubtedly hoping that Google releases a software update soon to correct the problem. Until then, users may need to set comparable alarms on their smartphones as a backup.

Fitbit’s “Smart Wake” feature could be helpful

One feature that Fitbit watches offer is “Smart Wake,” which helps users wake up feeling more refreshed by avoiding waking them up during deep sleep. It would not solve the problem, but it may make waking up a little bit easier for Pixel Watch users when the alarm ultimately goes off.

For the time being, users should remain informed and watch for any forthcoming updates that will address the problem with Pixel Watch’s alarms.