Ransomware Group Threatens to Leak Hacked Data from Amazon’s Ring

Home Security Company Ring Faces Potential Ransomware Breach

Like any home security company, Ring faces a range of possible security incidents. These include information security and user privacy issues, as well as being targeted by hackers for the troves of data they store in the cloud, such as private home footage. A ransomware group known as ALPHV has threatened to leak data belonging to Ring, creating concerns of a breach.

Cybersecurity collective VX Underground reports that Ring is the latest target of the BlackCat ransomware, which is known for primarily targeting the healthcare sector. The group has posted messages on its website claiming that it breached the company, which has yet to publicly acknowledge the potential incident.

While it appears unlikely that the ransomware group has accessed users’ private footage due to encryption measures, there are concerns over potential breaches of corporate data. Amazon, which owns Ring, is reportedly investigating the matter behind the scenes.