“Rare Pixel 7a Prototype Unveiled on eBay”

Pixel 7a Hype Train

The Pixel 7a has been generating a lot of buzz lately, with live images of the upcoming mid-range smartphone from Google surfacing online. Rumors about the release date and pricing have also been making the rounds.

A Shocking Twist: A Pixel 7a Prototype on eBay

But there was a surprising development in the Pixel 7a story when a seller put up an allegedly legitimate Pixel 7a prototype on eBay. The starting bid was $1,650.00, and some great photos of the unit were uploaded. However, the auction was cancelled before anyone could purchase the phone.

It’s unclear why the seller cancelled the listing, but what’s even more intriguing is how they came to possess the phone in the first place. The Google phone itself seems to be in good shape, but it doesn’t really work.

Details from the eBay Listing

Despite the fact that the phone doesn’t boot into Android, we can glean some information about it from one of the screenshots:

  • The phone is an EVT1.0
  • It has 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM from Samsung
  • It has 128GB of internal storage

While these details don’t reveal anything new about the Pixel 7a, they do add another layer of intrigue to the story. At this point, we can only speculate about how this happened and what it means for the upcoming release of the Pixel 7a. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we learn anything else!