Realme’s VP confirms entry into foldable market

The Rise of Foldable Phones

Recent announcements from major smartphone brands have indicated that the foldable market is heating up, and we may finally witness the foldable revolution that was promised to us years ago.

OnePlus’ Foldable Phone

During the MWC in Barcelona, OnePlus COO and President Kinder Liu revealed that the company is also working on a foldable phone, set to launch later this year. He highlighted that the device should be a flagship phone, which should retain the signature OnePlus fast and smooth experience, while also excelling in the areas of industrial design, mechanical technology, and other aspects.

Realme’s Teaser

Now, another major brand, Realme, has teased its entry into the foldable market. In a post on Vice President Madhav Sheth’s Twitter page, he asked users whether they wanted to see the #realmeFlip or #realmeFold next.

However, the post saw some backlash in the comments section, with many users pointing out the areas of improvement that Realme should focus on before launching foldable phones.

Competition is Always Welcome

Regardless, the entry of Realme into the foldable market will undoubtedly encourage other big players to elevate their game. Realme is renowned for launching the fastest-charging phone in the world recently – the Realme GT 3, with its incredible 240W wired fast-charging technology.

The company has not yet revealed any concrete information about its foldable project or the model that will launch first. Nevertheless, we’ll keep a close watch on future updates on the matter.