“Samsung accused of copying the Galaxy Z Flip 5 folding phone idea – A lawsuit isn’t the only solution”

Samsung and Motorola’s Next-Gen Folding Phones

Recently, there have been leaks about Samsung and Motorola’s next-generation folding phones. The leaks seem to confirm that both devices are inspired by a clamshell foldable phone with an all-screen back panel concept. Interestingly, the concept was first shared with someone by the author of this article, who claims bragging rights for predicting the idea.

Although both Samsung and Motorola’s upcoming foldable phones since the Razr 2023 are inspired by the author’s concept, the focus of the article is on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. The article suggests that the phone might become a suitable alternative to a “normal” big phone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, thanks to its larger outer display.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Coming to Fix Pretty Much Everything That’s Wrong with the Z Fold 4?

When Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip in early 2020, it was considered a groundbreaking device that made a dream a reality. However, the original Galaxy Z Flip was a first-gen device that Samsung rushed out the door to make a statement, resulting in some shortcomings. Some of the shortfalls included the phone’s super-expensive price, lacklustre battery life, and a low-grade camera system.

Despite the massive upgrade of the latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 compared to the original, the outer screen is still too small, with an inappropriate shape that doesn’t allow framing of selfies or TikToks. However, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 might fix the issues with the Galaxy Z Flip 4, thanks to improvements in the screen size, reduction in the visible crease, and enhanced chip efficiency.

Oppo Find N2 Flip Is What the Galaxy Z Flip 4 Should’ve Been (But It Still Has One Huge Problem)

When it comes to utilizing outer displays, the current industry standard is the Oppo Find N2 Flip. The device boasts a huge outer screen that is larger than Samsung’s Flip, and it’s oriented in the right direction. However, Oppo’s stock software doesn’t allow full control of the device when using the outer screen.

Massive Galaxy Z Flip 5 Outer Display Has the Potential to Change the Way You Use Your Phone

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 might finally give users the best of both worlds: a large screen for enjoying content and a foldable design to aid mobility. The author believes that an all-screen back with maximum utilization capabilities will give the Galaxy Z Flip 5 a competitive edge over other devices.

Besides a revamped outer screen, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is also expected to feature improved performance and efficiency, a better camera system, a less visible display crease, and no or little-to-no gap when the phone is closed shut. According to leaks and rumors, the device will retail at the same price as its predecessor, which is a considerable advantage in the current market.

The author is excited about the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and believes Samsung and Motorola might have stolen their idea. However, they claim bragging rights for predicting the concept and are not planning to sue.