Samsung Galaxy A53 vs Google Pixel 6a: Comparing Features and Performance to Determine the Best Option

Samsung’s Galaxy A53 and Google’s Pixel 6a are both excellent budget Android options. The Galaxy A53 has an impressive 120Hz display and longer software support, but its lackluster performance and disappointing cameras might be a drawback for some. The Pixel 6a boasts outstanding performance with its Tensor chip, excellent camera, and day-long battery life. Though it has fewer software updates and only a 60Hz display.

Pricing and availability for both phones vary, but both see regular discounts. The Galaxy A53 is available worldwide for an RRP of $450, while the Pixel 6a is only available in select markets for $449.

Both phones have good update commitments, and their manufacturers have been living up to their promises. The Galaxy A53 has a better 1080p OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The Pixel 6a also has a 1080p OLED display but with a lower refresh rate of 60Hz.

The A53 uses one of Samsung’s Exynos chipsets, resulting in more stutters and hitches compared to the Pixel 6a which uses the first-generation Tensor SoC. Both phones come with 5G support, with the A53 being compatible with sub-6 and ultra-fast mmWave.

While the Galaxy A53 has a higher-resolution main camera and more cameras overall, its photo quality is average for a mid-range device. The Pixel 6a might not have the best camera hardware, but Google’s software gives it the edge, taking better photos and video.

The Galaxy A53 has a larger 5,000 milliamp hour battery compared to the Pixel 6a’s 4,410 milliamp hour battery, though both phones have about the same battery life. The A53 charges at up to 25 watts, while the Pixel 6a can hit 18 watts, and neither supports wireless charging.

Overall, the Pixel 6a is the easier phone to recommend, with outstanding performance and great cameras at a competitive price point. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A53 impresses with its 120Hz display and longer software support, though its performance and cameras may not be as impressive.