Samsung Hires All-Star to Ramp Up Chip Division

Samsung Hires Former TSMC Engineer for Advanced Packaging Team

Though Samsung dominates the smartphone industry with devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it has struggled to reach the same level of success in the chip industry. However, by hiring the former TSMC engineer and industry veteran Lin Jun-cheng, Samsung may be able to bolster its aspirations in the semiconductor business.

News of this talent acquisition has emerged from local South Korean outlets, with reports indicating that Lin has become the senior VP of the advanced packaging team within Samsung’s Device Solutions division. Lin’s experience working for TSMC included deep involvement in the development of 3D packaging tech, which stacks integrated circuits within a chip. After serving as the CEO of Skytech, Lin’s leap to Samsung Foundry is undoubtedly an assertive move by the South Korean company to compete with TSMC.

Samsung’s hiring of Lin is part of an aggressive push by the chief of its Device Solutions division, Kyung Kye-hyun, to supercharge the company’s semiconductor unit. Samsung’s long-term plans for chip production include setting up 11 production plants in Taylor, Texas, with the first one set to be established in 2024.