“Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE Release Unlikely This Year, Experts Say”

Samsung Delays the Release of Galaxy S23 FE: What We Know So Far

Samsung fans have been eagerly waiting for a new addition to the Fan Edition lineup, and with the recent release of the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra, all eyes are on a potential Galaxy S23 FE. However, according to German journalist Roland Quandt, it “sure doesn’t look like there’ll be an S23 FE this year.”

The Delay in Launching S23 FE

Following the success of the Galaxy S20 FE in fall 2020, Samsung unexpectedly waited until January 2022 to release its successor, and it canceled the Galaxy S22 FE. While there was much speculation about the S22 FE’s release before several insiders hinted its cancellation, Samsung fans were hopeful for its arrival until recently, despite the probability of its cancellation.

It isn’t clear why Samsung has delayed the launch of its affordable high-end model, and rumors suggest that the limited success of the Galaxy S21 FE left the company wary of another potential flop. Samsung seems to be reducing the number of cell phones it releases each year, so a new Fan Edition phone may not be of priority for Samsung fans in the near future.

Samsung’s Future Launch Predictions

Although it isn’t clear when or if the Galaxy S23 FE will see the daylight, Samsung fans are hopeful for a 2024 launch. However, it would be unusual for Samsung to skip two years in its Fan Edition lineup and then come back with a new model. Samsung’s portfolio seems pretty complete now, with the Galaxy A25 cancellation and a new affordable phone in the A series.

The launch of Galaxy S24 is also around the corner with much anticipation. Samsung fans hope that if Galaxy S23 FE does release in 2024, it will happen before the launch of the Galaxy S24 family. The only doubt regarding the launch of Galaxy S23 FE seems to be the use of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor.