Scrcpy Screen Mirroring Tool Now Supports Audio Output from Your Smartphone – A Big Win!

Scrcpy Offers Audio Support for Android 11+ Devices

Scrcpy is an open-source application that allows you to mirror and control the screen of your Android device on your PC monitor. With Scrcpy, you can copy and paste data between devices and even use your computer’s keyboard and mouse to control your phone when it’s linked to your PC over USB. Scrcpy is useful for developers who want to test their apps, as well as gamers who want to play their favorite Android game on a bigger screen. The latest version, Scrcpy 2.0, now adds support for audio output from your phone.

Released recently, Scrcpy 2.0 offers the ability to select video and audio codecs, with support for both H.265 and AV1. With the new version, audio support is enabled for all Android 11 devices and higher. For Android 12 devices, it will work automatically. If you have Android 11, you need to ensure that your device is unlocked when you start the application. The app also allows you to disable audio capture if you don’t want it.

Although the video function works without buffering, audio recording requires some buffering. Within the app, the buffer size is set to 50ms, but you can customize the latency, the audio codec, and the bit rate to fit your personal requirements.

Scrcpy has been in use for years and has faced competition from applications such as Microsoft’s Phone Link PC-connectivity tool. Last summer, Scrcpy made the news when its ability to record video in applications such as password managers was restricted. To download the latest version of Scrcpy, you can visit Github.