“Screen Share Netflix on Discord: A Step-by-Step Guide”

How to Screen Share Netflix over Discord

Netflix is cracking down on account sharing. It doesn’t help matters with the 2022 price hike causing users to cancel Netflix subscriptions, leaving us with few options to share our binge-watching experiences with remote family and close friends. One of the best and most reliable options is hosting a Netflix watch session over a social app like Discord.

How to Screen Share Netflix over Discord on Desktop

Discord has a handy feature that enables streaming your Netflix account using the screen share feature. So now you can host your favorite shows on PC and mobile without going out of your way to purchase the best streaming box on the market. Our guide walks you through how to screen share Netflix through the Discord mobile app and desktop version, along with how to tinker with some settings to enhance your screen-sharing experience.

You can load up the desktop app or the web browser version to screen share Netflix. However, viewers can join on any device they own (provided they have the Discord app installed), so jumping into a hosted stream on mobile is a breeze.

You can also screen share during 1-on-1 voice calls and in your Discord groups.

  • Launch the desktop Discord app or access Discord in the web browser, and log in to your account.
  • Enter a voice channel on a server.
  • Open a new tab and visit the Netflix homepage to sign in to your account.
  • Click the Screen button to begin sharing your screen.
  • Navigate to your tabs (if on Google Chrome, select Chrome Tab) and ensure the Share tab audio is checked.
  • Select Netflix from your list of tabs, then click Share.
  • Successfully sharing your screen is shown by Live next to your username, and you can preview a thumbnail of what’s displayed on your screen share.
  • Once you’re done hosting a Netflix watch party, click the screen icon embedded with an X to stop streaming.

How to Stream Netflix without the Black Screen

The most common reason you’ll see a black screen instead of the Netflix stream is due to your web browser settings. First, check your web browser settings for hardware acceleration, and then turn hardware acceleration off or toggle to disable it. Then, relaunch your web browser and stream, and retry the above steps. That should fix it.

How to Screen Share Netflix on the Discord Mobile App

We’ve used an Android phone for this tutorial. The process for iPhone owners is much the same, but you’ll want to make sure you have the most recent version of iOS, Discord, and Netflix installed.

You can now screen share the Netflix app on mobile. You need to install the Netflix mobile app and the Discord mobile app before proceeding, which is why we included the installation widgets below this section.

  • Launch the Netflix app. If you haven’t installed the app, grab the download from the widget below this section.
  • Browse and open the Netflix show or movie you plan to stream within the app.
  • Leave the app open and return to your home page to launch the Discord app.
  • Select a Discord server and select the voice channel.
  • Inside the voice channel, tap the camera icon. You can turn your camera off by tapping the icon again.
  • Tap the mobile arrow icon next to the camera icon. You may need to accept the recording or casting with Discord permissions first to proceed.
  • Your camera is shown as a default if turned on. To stream Netflix, swap over to the Netflix app screen (located in your device’s background) and tap the play button on your stream.
  • Once finished broadcasting your Netflix stream, close your Netflix app and tap Stop sharing on the Discord app.

Playing the stream within the Netflix app automatically starts the stream while you’re hosting screen share over Discord.

How to Enhance the Experience

You can improve the streaming quality for your Netflix watch-party sessions thanks to the limited options available. The first option requires setting up the voice channels inside a Discord server. After setting up these channels, you can navigate to the voice channel settings and select the region override. Discord defaults to automatic, but you may need to manually select a server to centralize the location based on where everyone lives. There are four options for the U.S. The settings remain in effect until you’ve re-selected another option. Discord voice calls also have this same option.

The second option works only if the acting host subscribes to Discord Nitro (a premium subscription-based service). Discord Nitro allows you to change the video quality for streams, including streams greater than 720p video resolution and higher than the default 30 FPS. If you have the option, we recommend streaming above the lowest (default) settings, provided your internet connection can also handle it, like 1080p with 60 FPS.

Host a Netflix Watch Party Instead of Sharing Your Account

Even though it may not always be the most convenient option to host a watch party on Discord, it is the safest one, at least when it comes to sharing. Netflix has begun launching the new inclusion to pay for any account sharing, which may be outside everyone’s budget. Streaming and organizing a watch party over Discord is the easiest way to involve your remote family and friends without paying a dime. Even Amazon is trying to jump on the bandwagon by adding support with their own watch parties on Amazon Prime Video, but that still involves everyone owning a subscription.