Settlement Survival Expands to Mobile with City-Building Gameplay, Despite a Bumpy Launch

Settlement Survival now available on Android, but the mobile port feels unfinished

The popular low-poly city-builder, Settlement Survival, is now available on Android after its initial release on PC in 2022. The game draws inspiration from Banished, but adds characteristics that make it unique. However, the mobile port feels unfinished and rushed on both Android and iOS.

For those unaware, the game tasks players with managing a group of settlers while balancing food, construction resources, happiness, and more to keep their settlement thriving. Although it isn’t a groundbreaking city-builder, receiving a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, it’s still a solid experience. Nonetheless, the mobile port has some flaws.

Issues with the mobile port

One such issue is that Settlement Survival requires a TapTap account to be played, and iOS users noted that the user interface (UI) is entirely in Chinese. Although there are ways for players to overcome this, it still seems like a bug. Additionally, the UI tweaked for mobile play can feel cramped, with the windows getting in the way. Although it’s wonderful to see everything at once, it isn’t necessary, and it makes gameplay frustrating.

Another issue is the controls that feel sluggish and unresponsive. The camera moves too fast, resulting in abrupt jumps rather than smooth pans. Lastly, it’s worth noting that when the game launched, it didn’t have sound, but the issue was later resolved with an update.

Final thoughts

Settlement Survival is a city-builder that doesn’t have microtransactions making it a refreshing change of pace. However, it’s hard to recommend it without future patches as the mobile port with its issues such as TapTap requirement, UI, and control problems make it a frustrating experience for fans. For now, it may be helpful to explore other sandbox games until further updates are released.