Shop for iPhones in the States with Apple’s Latest Innovation

Introducing Apple’s Shop with a Specialist over Video service

Apple has recently launched a new service called “Shop with a Specialist over Video” to provide its customers with an even more personalized experience when buying a new iPhone. This service allows customers to connect with a retail team member via a live video stream where they can ask questions and purchase an iPhone during a one-way video shopping session.

How does Shop with a Specialist over Video work?

Customers in the U.S. can access this service every day from 7 am PDT to 7 pm PDT (10 am to 10 pm on the East Coast) by visiting the or tapping on this link. During the video session, interested shoppers can check out the newest models, compare features, and have their questions answered by an Apple specialist.

It’s worth noting that customers will be able to see the Apple team member through the video feed but the Specialist will not be able to see them. If a video session is unavailable, or customers are trying to access the service after hours, they can still connect to an Apple team member via a phone call or chat 24 hours a day.

What are the benefits of using Shop with a Specialist over Video?

The video session offers a safe and secure way to shop for iPhones during the ongoing pandemic. Aside from that, customers can find out more about trade-in deals, deals offered by U.S. carriers, financing plans, and how to switch from Android to iOS quickly. Apple’s Head of Retail Online, Karen Rasmussen, said that the service is designed to help customers find the iPhone that suits them best while providing an exceptional shopping experience.

Moreover, Apple has a team of specialists who are available to help customers select the right device and financing option through personalized recommendations on the Apple Store app, online, over video, or in-person.