“Snapchat Enhances Family Center with Advanced Parental Controls”

Snapchat Introduces New “Content Controls” for its Family Center

Snapchat has announced new improvements for its Family Center, which was launched last year to allow parents to manage and control their children’s accounts. The latest addition to the feature is called “Content Controls”. It enables parents to limit the types of content that their children can watch on Snapchat. The new feature comes as a welcome addition for many parents who want to have more control over what their children access on the popular social media app.

What are Content Controls?

Content Controls are an extension of Snapchat’s Family Center, which enables parents to manage their children’s accounts. With the new feature, parents can now filter out stories from publishers and creators that they deem inappropriate or do not align with their beliefs. This added feature provides parents with more control to customize the content that their children see on Snapchat.

Why did Snapchat create Content Controls?

One of Snapchat’s main goals is to prevent unvetted content from going viral. This is achieved by moderating public-facing content from creators and Snapchatters before it gets published on Stories or Spotlight. Content Controls are designed to help parents prevent their children from accessing sensitive, suggestive or unwanted content on Snapchat.

How does the Family Center Account Work?

The Family Center Account is a free feature of Snapchat, and parents can create it in just a few minutes. Parents can link their children’s Snapchat accounts to their own, enabling them to manage and control the content their children see. The Family Center Account allows parents to restrict and block certain content and monitor their child’s usage of Snapchat more closely.

What are the Future Plans for Snapchat’s Family Center?

According to Snap, the company has more plans to add even more features to the Family Center. Some of the upcoming features will be built around “My AI,” Snap’s experimental chatbot. These features will provide parents with more visibility and control over their children’s usage of My AI. Other new features might also be introduced in the future.

In summary, Snapchat’s newly added Content Controls feature is designed to provide parents with more control over the content their children see on Snapchat. It’s a welcome addition for many parents who want to keep their children safe while using the popular social media app.