Social Media Deems Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Moon Shot as Fake: A Comprehensive Review

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom and Moon Photography Controversy

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts a 100x Space Zoom feature that utilizes both optical zoom and computational processing to allow device owners to capture stunning moon photographs. However, a test conducted by a Reddit user “ibreakphotos” suggests that the resulting moon images from the Galaxy S23 Ultra are not entirely authentic.

Samsung Uses AI and ML to Produce Impressive Moon Shots

The Reddit user downloaded a high-resolution image of the moon and reduced its resolution, blurring the details, and displayed it on his computer monitor. He then went to the other side of his room, switched off the light, and zoomed in on the monitor using the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The result was a detailed picture of the moon that looked nothing like the blurry mess on the screen. Samsung acknowledges its use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance photographs of the moon, but no image overlaying or texture effects are used.

Deceptive Marketing or Common Practice?

Some people defend Samsung by saying that using AI tools to produce great-looking images of the moon is a common practice among phone manufacturers, as Google also leverages computational photography to improve its Pixel handsets. The crucial aspect is that no overlays must be utilized. In contrast, others believe that Samsung is not being transparent about how it produces these images and that the line should be drawn at replacing the original photo with a different one.

Phone Manufacturers and Moon Photography Controversies

Samsung is not the first company to face moon photography controversies. Three years earlier, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 100x Space Zoom was also accused of producing fake moon photos. Huawei’s P30 Pro’s Moon Mode was also criticized for allegedly inserting pre-existing moon images into the photos taken with the device. Wang Yue, a researcher, questioned Huawei’s use of AI and claimed that material had been inserted into the images. However, Wang’s theory was never proven.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Offer at Different Carriers

Interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? We’ve got you covered with the different carrier offers available:

Verizon – $800 off with Bonus Credit

Purchase the Verizon 256GB Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with qualifying trade-in via a link at the top of the Samsung store’s credit, and you’ll receive $800 off. The device comes with a 5G plan and a free Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Tab S7 FE, which both require purchase.

T-Mobile – $1000 off with Magenta MAX Plan and Eligible Trade-in

T-Mobile customers can get up to $1000 off the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra when trading in an eligible device and signing up for the Magenta MAX plan. Customers can also qualify for up to $500 off with trade-in or up to $800 off with a new line on the Magenta MAX plan.

AT&T – $200 with Plan and Trade-in

AT&T customers can buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for only $200 with a plan and trade-in of an eligible device. The device comes with 256GB storage, and customers can activate their phones online during purchase.

US Cellular – $680 off with Trade-in

US Cellular customers can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for up to $680 off directly from Samsung when trading in an eligible device. The device comes in both 256GB and 512GB storage options and offers a 1TB storage option only available through the Samsung store.


While the debate about the authenticity of moon photographs taken with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra continues, the device offers some excellent features for photographers. For those interested in purchasing the device, the different carrier offers can provide some great deals.