“Speculation: iPhone 15 to Feature Ultra-Thin Bezels – A First in the Smart Phone Industry”

Rumors Surrounding Apple’s iPhone 15 Series

Apple’s announcement of its iPhone 15 series is still about six months away but rumors are already circulating. The latest buzz focuses on a potential price hike for the iPhone 15 series, which hasn’t happened since the release of the iPhone X. The anticipated price hike is likely due to several new features and upgrades that the series is said to offer.

Thinnest Screen Bezels Ever on an iPhone

One of the most recent rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro Max is that it will boast the thinnest screen bezels ever seen on a phone. Popular smartphone leaker, Ice Universe, states that the bezels will measure 1.55mm (0.06in), which would break the previous record held by the Xiaomi 13 with 1.81mm (0.07in) bezels. Despite this significant reduction in bezel size, some critics argue that the reduction is unnecessary. Instead, they suggest that reducing the size of the camera island would have been a better and more meaningful improvement. It is possible, however, that Apple may choose to implement both upgrades to deliver a cleaner-looking display.

What is odd is that the leaker only mentioned the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but it is unclear whether or not the upgrade applies only to that model or also to the regular-sized Pro model. This new thin bezel rumor, though, aligns with information leaked from iPhone 15 dummies. These leakages show that the new series will have smaller bezels, curved edges without a curved display, and a bigger camera bump to beautify the phone’s design.

Mystery Surrounding the Alleged iPhone 15 Ultra

It still remains a mystery whether or not the iPhone 15 Ultra will join the series. If it does, it must bring immense upgrades to tempt potential buyers among the expected new features of the iPhone 15 pro series. However, it is more likely that the release of this super high-end model will happen in 2024 or 2025.