“Spotify Introduces Social-Media Style Scrollable Feed in its App”

Spotify redesigns Home page to simplify content discovery

When it comes to figuring out what to do in our spare time, having a say in the matter is really important. However, having too many choices and not enough time can often lead to indecisiveness. Spotify, one of the most used music streaming services, is looking to help users out with a redesigned Home page in its app.

New scrollable feeds

The new design is presented like a scrollable feed of music, audiobooks, and podcasts that users can instantly hear snippets of. This is a testament to the aim of bringing seekers closer to findings of the perfect tune, podcast or audiobook for them. These new feeds are entirely optional, so users can disregard them if they already know what they are looking for.

A key difference with Spotify’s new feature is that it won’t be a single feed to rule them all, but a trinity: a Music Feed, Podcasts & Shows and an Audiobooks feed. Users will have quick access to essential actions such as saving, downloading or sharing the content on display while scrolling through these feeds.

Designed for time efficiency

The redesign was sparked through data – from an unspecified source – which allegedly verifies that users are more inclined to dive into something that they’ve gotten a taste of. The new feature is designed to be time-efficient, as users can instantly save what they like for later use. This makes it easier for users to discover more content, which may lead to possible purchases after a quick demo.

This new design is a testament to Spotify’s aim to simplify content discovery for its users. Interestingly, it’s the first platform to simplify the process of discovery and testing on such a level. This feature is available for both free and premium users and can be used really soon, as it is currently rolling out.