“Stay Alerted Always with Android 14’s Bright and Flashy Notifications”

Accessibility Setting: Flash Notifications on Android 14

Google has released the second developer preview of Android 14, with a slew of new user-facing features. For instance, there is a photo picker that allows manual selection of images for app view, while ongoing notifications can now be dismissed with a simple swipe. However, Google went on to improve these notifications, offering a new and shiny feature – Flash Notifications.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman discovered a new feature within Android 14 DP2’s Accessibility menu – Flash Notifications. This feature allows two new ways to indicate new alert arrivals. If ‘Screen Flash Notification’ is activated, you can select the color that will flash on your phone’s screen whenever there is a new notification. Even if you are using your phone at that moment, the translucent overlay will appear over the foreground app. .

Another setting within the same feature, called ‘Camera Flash Notification,’ is a callback to classic Android phones. Upon enabling it, your rear camera LED will flash twice for new notifications. Unfortunately, it does not flash intermittently until the notification is turned off – only two brief pulses. However, it’s better than nothing.

Google warns those that have light sensitivity not to use these features as it may cause discomfort. The camera flash is far brighter and not recommended for those mildly photosensitive.

Android 14 DP2 is available to all Google phone models starting from Pixel 4a 5G. Those who want to try it out should download the OTA files or the factory images for your device and follow the Android 14 developer preview installation guide.