Stop Bullying Between iPhone and Android Users with this New Messaging App.

The Sunbird Messaging App: Bringing iMessage Features to Android


If you’re an Android user who’s had to endure the scorn of iPhone users because of the green text bubbles caused by SMS messages in group chats, you’ll be pleased to know that the Sunbird Messaging app is on the horizon. The app is currently in Alpha testing and will provide Android users with iMessage features during group chats.

The Downside of Chatting via RCS

When Android users communicate through RCS, the service is downgraded to SMS if an iPhone user joins the chat. This means that typing indicators, read receipts, image and video quality all drop, and chat character limits are imposed. This means that Android users don’t have access to all the features that their iPhone users are used to when chatting through iMessage.

Solving the Problem with Sunbird

The Sunbird Messaging app will solve this problem by allowing Android users access to all iMessage features during group chats. The app is currently in Alpha testing and Android users can join the waitlist by tapping on the provided link or by visiting the Sunbird app website. The app is free and can be used over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

How to Avoid the Fake Sunbird App

Users should be cautious when downloading the Sunbird Messaging app as a fake version was discovered on Google Play Store that contained adware and malware. Android users should only download the legitimate Alpha version through the provided link or by joining the Sunbird Messaging Discord.

A Unified Inbox Feature

The Sunbird Messaging app also provides a unified inbox feature that allows users to access WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and SMS accounts all in one place. In the future, the app will also support other messaging platforms like Telegram, Discord, RCS, and more.

Avoiding the Scorn of iPhone Users during Group Chats

With the Sunbird Messaging app, Android users will no longer have to suffer the indignity of green text bubbles during group chats with iPhone users. With access to iMessage features during group chats, Android users will feel more connected to their iPhone-using friends and family.