“Stream Now: Discover 12 Revolutionary LGBTQ Films on Netflix”

Looking for LGBTQ+ films to watch on Netflix? Look no further! We have hand-picked some of the best movies available on the streaming platform for you to enjoy on your favorite device. From comedies, dramas, to documentaries, our selected films cover a wide array of genres.

You can also check out the full catalog of LGBTQ+ feature films available on Netflix by visiting their Celebrate Pride Month web page. Netflix Originals such as Circus of Books, and award-winning classics like Brokeback Mountain are just some of the titles you’ll find on this list.

Circus of Books is a documentary about a bookstore in West Hollywood run by a conservative Jewish couple that was actually a hub for gay pornography and sex toys when homosexuality was stigmatized. A Secret Love is a heartwarming documentary that tells the story of two women who have been in love for over 60 years, but have hidden their relationship from their families due to homophobia.

The Boys in the Band is a dramatic movie that tells the story of a group of gay friends who gather for a birthday party in 1960s New York City. Your Name Engraved Herein takes place in 1987 Taiwan, where two boys fall in love but must keep their relationship hidden. Duck Butter is a rom-com that explores themes of intimacy and authenticity in a relationship compressed into 24 hours.

Brokeback Mountain is a romantic drama set in the rural American West of the 1960s and 70s, featuring two young cowboys who form a strong bond that gradually turns into an unexpected and passionate love story that defies societal expectations. Super Deluxe is an extravagant Tamil rom-com set in Chennai, India that tells the story of several interconnected characters through subplots.

I am Jonas is a French coming-of-age drama depicting the story of a young man who struggles with life challenges while being haunted by his troubled past. Eternal Summer is a Taiwanese drama exploring the complex relationships, challenges, and different paths that three friends took after they graduated high school.

Summerland is a moving journey into femininity, love, and friendship, depicting the blossoming relationship between an English woman and a fugitive during World War II. The Half of It explores the complex web of emotions that a shy and introverted girl from a small American town finds herself caught in, torn between loyalty and growing attraction.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom tells the story of a black Chicagoan blues singer from the 1920s who was openly dating women at a time when it was taboo. This film is a great testimony to the advancement of both Black and LGBTQ+ rights.

While Netflix has a solid lineup of LGBTQ programming, some of the best films from queer directors and filmmakers are not available. Nonetheless, you can still celebrate Pride every day by watching these inspiring and heartwarming films. Don’t forget to check out some of the incredible LGBTQ-inclusive games available as well!