Survey: Avoid Riding in Cars Driven by Android or iOS Users, Study Shows

Survey reveals driving habits of Android and iOS users


Almost a year ago,a survey conducted by Jerry revealed that Android users were better drivers than iOS users. Now, a study by American Trucks has revealed that both Android and iOS users need to work hard at driving safely.

Results of the study

The study was conducted with 1,000 phone users (500 Android and 500 iOS owners), and the results showed that Android users are more likely to speed than iOS users, although only by a slim 73% to 71% margin. Android users are more likely to run a stop sign than iOS users, with 59% of Android users and 54% of iOS users admitting to this.

The study also revealed that 73% of Android users blast music while driving, which is more than the 69% of iOS users who admitted to the same. This could be distracting and increase the risk of an accident. Moreover, by a 55% to 50% margin, Android users are more likely not to wear a seatbelt while driving.

Both Android and iOS users are equally guilty of making turns without signaling, with 53% of Android and iOS users admitting to this infraction. However, iOS users are more likely to text while driving; 57% of iOS users and 55% of Android users admitted to this dangerous activity.

Music preferences of Android and iOS users while driving

The survey also asked users what kind of music they played while driving. 59% of Android users prefer to blast rock music, while 55% of iPhone users prefer pop music. Android users also listen to hip-hop (51%), rap (47%), pop (45%), and metal (24%). On the other hand, besides playing pop music, iOS users also enjoy rock (52%), hip-hop (46%), rap (46%), and indie (29%).

Other findings of the study

According to the study, iOS users have been in 20% more “at-fault” accidents than Android users. Additionally, iOS users are more prone to road rage than Android users.


Although both Pixel and iPhone users have a feature on their phones that detect a car crash and alert emergency services, it is still not a license to drive unsafely. Regardless of which mobile platform you use, it is crucial to drive safely and not put yourself and others in danger.