T-Mobile Phone Plans 2021 – Compare Prepaid & Postpaid Plans for New & Existing Customers

100GB fast data, then slower…50GB fast data, then slower…Unlimited 3G hotspotMedia streaming quality4K UHD SD 480pSD 480pSD 480pOther perksNetflix (Standard, 2 screens), Apple TV+, Paramount+ (1-year subscription)Netflix (Basic, 1 screen only), Apple TV+ (6-month subscription), Paramount+ (1-year subscription)Paramount+ (1-year subscription)Paramount (1-year subscription)Wi-Fi CallingYesYesYesUnlimited talk, text, international textingYesYesYesUnlimited talk and text for direct communications between 2 people, charges may apply for other numbersSo, which plan should you get? If you need the best features, then the Ultimate Plus plan is definitely the one to get. It’s the most expensive one, but it also has the best features, including unlimited high-speed 5G data, 200GB of high-speed hotspot, 4K streaming quality, and more. The regular Ultimate plan is also a great pick, as it has all the same features but with only 100GB of hotspot and no 4K streaming quality. Finally, the Advanced plan is a great pick for those who need lots of data but don’t really need the hotspot or streaming quality, as it offers 100GB of high-speed data but with no hotspot and SD streaming quality.

T-Mobile: Which Plan Should You Choose in 2023?

T-Mobile, the third-largest mobile carrier in the US, currently has a better standing than ever thanks to the fairly recent conclusion of its long-time coming merger with Sprint. With the combined forces of the two carriers, T-Mobile in 2023 is a rather competitive carrier that can easily sway you with its decent coverage and aggressive plan pricing. Verizon and AT&T  surely feel the heat coming from the Magenta carrier!

But which one should you choose if you’re eyeing Team Magenta? That’s definitely the question that looms over just about anyone who’s pondering to switch carrier in 2023. And due to the sheer quantity of plans, options, and perks, it’s easy to get lost in all the available plans. Okay, that’s an overstatement on our part, but in any case, you could probably benefit from all the essential features of each plan neatly laid out ahead of you, including our recommendations as to which plan to pick.

Let’s explore the best T-Mobile plans and which one you should choose.

T-Mobile Phone Plan Types

Just as the rest of the carriers in the US, T-Mobile has both prepaid and unlimited postpaid plans. The difference between those is that prepaid plans usually include less perks and might face some stricter restrictions, whereas postpaid plans allow you to save by combining a few lines on a single account and also benefit from lots of perks, like free streaming services, discounts on devices bought at the carrier, faster connection speeds, and so much more. However, these usually have lots of credit and eligibility checks, while prepaid plans are much more lax.

Best T-Mobile Phone Plans for Individuals

All regular T-Mobile plans include unlimited 5G and LTE data, nation-wide 5G coverage, dedicated customer care, unlimited text and talk, exclusive perks, and advanced scam-blocking protection. T-Mobile has four main plans in the roster: Magenta MAX, the most premium one; the middle-tier Magenta one that could be its most appealing plan; and finally, the affordable Essentials one that lacks many perks of the pricier plans; finally, there’s the Base Essentials plan, which has very low-cost monthly payments going for it if you’re using up to two lines, but also not much else in terms of features.  At the same time, the Magenta MAX and Magenta plans also offer special discounts for military and veterans, first responders, and seniors.

T-Mobile Plan Details

T-Mobile Plan Price for 1 Line Price for 2 Lines Price for 3 Lines Price for 4 Lines High-Speed 5G Access (Premium Data) Regular 5G Access (Nation-Wide 5G) Hotspot Media Streaming Quality Other Perks Wi-Fi Calling Unlimited Talk and Text
Magenta MAX $85 $140 $140 $170 Unlimited Yes 40GB Fast, then 3G speeds 4K UHD Netflix (Standard, 2 screens), Apple TV+, Paramount+ (1-year subscription) Yes Yes
Magenta $70 $120 $120 $140 100GB Fast Data, then Slower Speed Yes 5GB Fast, then 3G speeds SD 480p Netflix (Basic, 1 screen only), Apple TV+ (6-month subscription), Paramount+ (1-year subscription) Yes Yes
Essentials $60 $90 $90 $105 50GB Fast Data, then Slower Speed Yes Unlimited 3G Hotspot SD 480p Paramount+ (1-year subscription) Yes Yes
Base Essentials $45 $80 $100 $120 20GB Fast Data, then Slower Speed Yes Unlimited 3G Hotspot SD 480p Paramount (1-year subscription)