T-Mobile’s $1.35 Billion Deal as It Acquires Mint Mobile, Owned by Ryan Reynolds

T-Mobile Expands Its MVNO Offerings with the Acquisition of Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile

T-Mobile’s MVNO, Metro by T-Mobile, has been a popular option for those looking for prepaid smartphones and plans at reasonable prices. Recently, T-Mobile announced that it is expanding its offerings by acquiring two more MVNOs, Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile.

The purchase of these two MVNOs, which were previously owned by the Ka’ena Corporation, was completed for a total of $1.35 billion. Mint Mobile, which was started as a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile before Ryan Reynolds bought a stake in the company in 2019, is known for its ultra-cheap $15/month plans.

The current founders of Mint and Ultra, David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim, will be brought into T-Mobile to manage the brands through a separate business unit. Ryan Reynolds will continue to be involved with Mint Mobile in a creative role.

The fact that Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile were already using T-Mobile’s network means that users shouldn’t expect any changes to the service they currently receive. The new business unit means that the MVNOs will also remain somewhat independent of T-Mobile, allowing the brands to continue offering their unique services.

At the moment, T-Mobile has stated that it intends to continue offering Mint’s ultra-cheap plans without any significant changes to these new additions.