“T-Mobile’s Latest Free Line Promotion Excludes Certain Customers”

Get a Free Line of Wireless Service with T-Mobile

Are you a T-Mobile subscriber looking for the best deal out there? If so, you might be interested in the latest promotion from the “Un-carrier.” While previous promotions have made it possible for millions of customers to get a free line of wireless service, the newest deal is slightly more complicated.

The “2023 Line on Us P6” Campaign

The Mobile Report has revealed that T-Mobile will be offering a “special free line” to select customers starting on March 9th. To qualify for this deal, you must be an existing Magenta Max user with no free lines on your account at the time of enrollment. Additionally, you must be “preselected” and have two or more paid voice lines on the costly Magenta Max plan. Unfortunately, this excludes single line account holders and those who received a third line free as part of a previous deal.

No Other Offers Can Be Combined

One of the worst things about this deal is that it cannot be combined with any other offers. This includes deals for phones, taxes, or fees. And even if you do qualify for the “free” line, you will have to pay a $35 activation fee.

While there is a chance that these conditions could change before the promo goes official, it doesn’t appear that many T-Mobile subscribers will be able to take advantage of this deal. So, if you’re hoping to score a free voice line, you may be out of luck.