TankenApp Apk Download (Latest Version)

TankenApp is the ultimate app for finding the best gas prices in your area. Save time and money with TankenApp – the easy to use gas price comparison tool that helps you find the best deals on fuel.

TankenApp Apk

TankenApp is an app designed to help drivers save money on their fuel costs. The app allows users to compare fuel prices in their area and find the best deal. It also provides information on the nearest petrol stations and their opening hours. Additionally, the app offers a range of features, such as the ability to set up notifications for when fuel prices reach a certain level, and the ability to save favorite places for easy access. TankenApp also provides users with helpful tips on how to save fuel and money, such as driving more efficiently and choosing the right fuel type. All in all, TankenApp is a great tool for drivers who want to save money on their fuel costs.
  • Track your fuel expenses
  • Keep an eye on your car maintenance
  • Get notified about upcoming service dates
  • Compare fuel prices in your area
  • Analyze your driving behavior
  • Optimize your routes
  • Set up reminders for important tasks
  • Share your car’s data with friends and family

TankenApp Apk Download


TankenApp Apk Features

Features Description
Simple and Intuitive Interface TankenApp has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.
Real-time Fuel Prices TankenApp provides real-time fuel prices so you can always find the best deal.
Fuel Station Locator TankenApp has a built-in fuel station locator so you can easily find the nearest station.
Gas Price Comparison TankenApp allows you to compare gas prices across multiple stations in your area.
Price Alerts TankenApp sends price alerts when fuel prices drop in your area.
Payment Options TankenApp supports multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

What’s new in TankenApp

Date Update Details
June 2020 New UI/UX Design Completely redesigned user interface and user experience for TankenApp
May 2020 New Features Added new features such as gas station reviews, gas prices comparison, and fuel tracking
April 2020 Bug Fixes Fixed several bugs related to gas station search, location tracking, and user authentication
March 2020 New Platforms Released TankenApp on both iOS and Android platforms