“Telegram’s Latest Update Features Power Saving Mode and Enhanced App Performance”

Telegram Introduces New Features with Recent Update

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has launched an update that brings several exciting features to its users. The announcement was made by the company via their blog, highlighting the new Power Saving Mode, Android optimization, more playback speed options, and other app improvements.

New Power Saving Mode

The update introduces a new Power Saving Mode that helps users conserve battery life and reduce data usage. This feature allows users to deactivate animations and effects to prolong battery life and improve performance on older devices. Users can configure the Power Saving Mode to activate itself when the battery reaches a certain percentage, and individual toggles let users select which effects are deactivated. This feature is available on both iOS and Android, with additional features on iOS to limit background updates.

Android Optimization

Telegram has developed default settings optimized for more than 200 different kinds of Android devices to ensure that the app works at its peak on each one.

More Playback Speed Options

New granular playback speed options are introduced in this update, enabling users to choose speeds between 0.2x and 2.5x by holding the 2X button. Additionally, read receipts for groups with less than 100 participants now include a popup that shows the time each person read the message, enhancing the messaging experience for users.

Other Features

Additional features introduced by this update include the ability to send invite links as a message in the event that the person you are inviting is restricting who is allowed to add them to groups, the option to switch off the automatic reorganizing of sticker packs, improved folder support on iOS, interactive Emoji and reactions, and new animated Emoji for premium users.

Bug Fixes

Telegram promises to have solved over 400 bugs across the app with this update, but encourages users to report any remaining issues to bugs.telegram.org.