“Terrifying Film Triggers Health Alert on Apple Watch of Distressed Viewer”

How Scary is The Outwaters Movie?

It’s not uncommon for scary movies to leave viewers holding their breath, on the edge of their seat, or jumping out of their skin. But one movie, in particular, caused an Apple Watch to alert a viewer not once, but twice, during a single viewing.

The Outwaters Movie Synopsis

The movie, called The Outwaters, was produced and written by Robbie Banfitch. It follows the journey of four travelers as they attempt to camp in a remote stretch of the Mojave desert. However, it’s not long before mysterious sounds begin to haunt them and a menacing force descends on them, resulting in a horrifying journey into soul-shattering darkness.

The Apple Watch Heart Rate Alert

Joseph Monstern, a viewer of the movie, had his Apple Watch alert him twice during the screening of The Outwaters. His heart rate exceeded 120 beats per minute, prompting the warning from the watch. Monstern took to Twitter to express his experience and give a shout-out to Banfitch for creating such a spine-tingling movie.

Other Viewer Reactions

Monstern wasn’t alone in his experience of the movie. Other viewers described it as disorienting, disturbing, extremely anxiety-inducing, and even causing nausea so severe that one viewer had to leave the theater to vomit.

The Found Footage Horror Genre

The Outwaters is part of a horror-genre known as “found footage.” This means that the movie is presented as though it came from film or video that was discovered, adding to the realistic fear-factor that viewers experience.

If you plan on watching The Outwaters in the theater, be prepared for a full-blown assault to the senses, and make sure your Apple Watch is fully charged to keep track of your heart rate!