“The OnePlus Nord CE receives ultimate enhancement through Oxygen OS 13 upgrade”

The OnePlus Nord CE

The OnePlus Nord CE is a smartphone that caught our attention in 2021 with its performance, form factor and price. Initially, it was released with Android 11 under Oxygen OS 11, providing two years of software support. However, OnePlus is continually committed to providing users with the latest software, and as such, the Nord CE has now received the final software upgrade.

The Oxygen OS 13 Update

The announcement of the Oxygen OS 13 update for the Nord CE came through the official community forums. This final software upgrade will ensure that the smartphone remains at peak performance throughout its final year of security updates. Firmware version EB2103_11_F brings numerous tweaks and improvements to users.

The Oxygen OS 13 update begins with a new look. Oxygen OS’ brand new aquamorphic design is included. This design extends not only to static visual elements but also to animations and active shadows. The clock’s shadows, for instance, simulate the sun and moon’s orientation, adding a cool final touch.

With the update, new features are introduced, such as enlarged folders that can be placed on the home screen, or a Sidebar Toolbox that can help you open floating windows inside already running apps.

Security and privacy improvements are also a major aspect of the Oxygen OS 13 update. Advanced encryption is available for the items stored in users’ Private Safe. Additionally, Oxygen OS 13 can now offer you the option to automatically pixelate user data and avatars from screenshots.

If you want to check the full list of changes, you should definitely refer to the community forums. However, if you have concerns about the upgrade, don’t worry. OnePlus will let you roll back to the last version; keep in mind that rolling back will result in a loss of user data.