The Samsung Galaxy Watch’s Upcoming Release Could Revive a Cherished Functionality for Fans of the Brand.

Samsung May Bring Back Rotating Bezel with Upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch fans were disappointed to find that last year’s Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro did not have a physical rotating bezel, a beloved feature of Samsung’s top-end Android smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. However, a new rumor suggests that the South Korean tech giant may restore the feature with its next top-tier smartwatch.

According to Korean YouTuber Super Roader, the physical rotating bezel may make a comeback with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro, and could help set the device apart from its competitors. The claim made no mention of the regular model, indicating that only the Pro model will feature this hardware feature.

This is exciting news for Samsung smartwatch fans, as the rotating bezel not only gives the Galaxy Watch a unique look, but also makes scrolling through content quick and easy without touching the screen. The feature also gives the watch the feel of a mechanical watch, a detail that many users appreciate in a device that functions as a piece of wearable technology.

In addition, the YouTuber also revealed that the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro may come in two sizes, which could give customers more options for the size of the smartwatch they want to wear on their wrist. It remains to be seen whether the regular variant will also receive this feature.

While restoring the rotating bezel may help the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro compete with rival devices like the Apple Watch and the Google Pixel Watch, Samsung may also include other upgrades, such as a larger battery, to make the device stand out even more.

Overall, fans of the Samsung Galaxy Watch have reason to be excited about the possibility of the rotating bezel returning in at least one model in the upcoming 2023 lineup.