“Tips on Avoiding Zelle Scams: Protect Your Money Today”

Scams are a prevalent problem in the online world, and fraudsters are constantly evolving new ways to separate you from your money or personal information, including through payment apps like Zelle. Though Zelle is supported by multiple banks and financial institutions, providing an additional layer of security, it is not impervious to scammers. In this guide, we walk you through our top tips for avoiding Zelle scams and explain what to do if you are scammed. Stick to friends and family for payments and beware of urgent and exclusive requests that seem suspicious. Set up two-factor authentication, use a password manager, and consider alternative payment apps like Venmo for added security. Unfortunately, scams are uncomfortably commonplace on digital payment apps like Zelle. Common scams include phishing scams, fake invoice scams, refund and recovery scams, and Facebook Marketplace scams. If you fall victim to a scam, make sure to report it immediately to your bank and the authorities.