“Top Selfie Camera Phones for 2023: Comparing S23 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and OnePlus 11”

Best Selfie Camera Phone in 2023: A Comparative Study

In today’s world, selfie cameras have become an essential feature in flagship mobile phones, whether it’s for video conferences, fun selfies, or group photos. The popularity of selfies is here to stay, and in this article, we compare four of the best flagship mobile phones to determine which phone has the best selfie camera in 2023.

Front Camera Hardware

The following are the basic camera specifications for the four flagship phones:

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra — 12MP, 4K video support
  • iPhone 14 Pro/Max — 12MP, 4K video
  • Pixel 7 Pro — 10.8MP, 4K video
  • OnePlus 11 — 16MP, 1080p video

Earlier, mobile phones had two selfie cameras, but now most phone makers offer one wider camera and crop it to provide a close-up view for selfies. However, for group shots, a wider camera is preferable to fit more people. The Google Pixel 7 Pro has a noticeably wider field of view compared to the other phones, making it better for group photos.

Selfies in Good Light

Skin tones and white balance play a crucial role in selfies. All four phones in the comparison do an excellent job with the dynamic range, as we can see the blue color of the sky in the background, which wasn’t possible just a few years ago. However, the darker exposure out of Pixel shots stands out negatively. The Galaxy and the OnePlus do the best job with pleasing skin tones, dynamic range, exposure, and overall colors, making them the best phones to take selfies in good light.

Selfies in Low Light

The differences in quality among the phones are enormous in low light conditions. The iPhone and Pixel fail spectacularly with skin tones, giving a ghostly appearance. The Galaxy has the most natural-looking shot in low light while the OnePlus 11 consistently captured pleasing skin tones with a slightly softer look that works well for human faces.


Overall, the Galaxy S23 Ultra managed to capture the most realistic skin tones, and its selfies are consistent in delivering good dynamic range, white balance, exposure, and color accuracy. The OnePlus 11 comes in at a close second with consistently pleasing skin tones and slightly softer look, making it an excellent choice for selfies. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro have their pros and cons but don’t match the quality of the Galaxy and the OnePlus in taking selfies.

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